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기범 ♥ 케빈

You're the only one that I will cherish all my life~

마루미르 ♡ 케빈
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케마루 「유키스」
to the land of cookies, ice cream and vampire plays!

marukev is a livejournal community dedicated to
U-KISS' Kim "Marumir" KiBum and Woo "Kevin" SungHyun.

► You have to love/like KiBum and Kevin together~ ♥ (as friends or lovers or whatever tickles your fancy).

► RESPECT. Let's keep ourselves away from zeh drama and make this community happy and sparklyyy~*

► Post anything that is KiBum and Kevin related (pictures, gifs, videos, graphics, fanfics, fanart, fan accounts, etc.)!

► As much as possible, please keep your font size and/or color at default setting.

► Large images and multiple videos should be put under an lj-cut.

► Don't hotlink images. Upload them to your own server.

► Credit, credit, credit whenever necessary!

► Advertising other communities is okay as long as it is related or has to do with U-KISS.

► HAVE FUN! Spread KiBum and Kevin's osm lovin'! ♥

Affiliates? Inform us HERE! :)

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